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You are going to listen to a summary of works and discoveries made by a French Researcher and Biologist who has been working for more than fifteen years on the fabulous self-repair power that bone marrow stem cells have on our organism. The information disclosed in this CD can reveal itself fundamental for yourself or for the persons around you who might have health problems. Do not hesitate to give them the possibility to get to know what is about to be revealed to you by offering them this CD once you have listened to it. The Researcher and Biologist‘s works started in 2001 in the United States. At the time, he was very intrigued by the exceptional qualities of microalgae named “Aphanizomenon flos-aquae“. The Aphanizomenon flos-aquae belong to the freshwater blue green algae family. It grows in the Klamath Lake in South Central Oregon in the United States. Klamath Lake is pure, sits in the middle of a protected Nature Reserve and its biotope is rigorously protected.

The Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, also called AFA, are unique algae that cannot be cultivated and can only be harvested in the Klamath Lake. The list of its benefits is so extensive that it is impossible to enumerate its entirety in this CD. The AFA contains 115 micronutrients made of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and minerals which make it the most complete food known on earth to this day. To give you an idea about its power, only one gram per day is sufficient to feed a healthy person’s cells, only a single gram per day! It has been observed that the Indians and animals living near Klamath Lake and those who consumed the algae for a long time were never sick. Others who were sick and travelled to consume the algae came back to their home in good health! Why? And how is it possible? This observation and these two questions have provoked in our Researcher and Biologist a passionate quest of knowledge. After several years, he has found answers and you will also discover why and how this algae helps our organism to self-repair.

But let’s come back to some of the numerous virtues of these algae. In addition to rebalancing our organism with trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and minerals, the AFA possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects. It deeply detoxifies and cleans the intra-cellular fluid but also the extra-cellular fluid allowing itself to be a great chelator (by collecting and eliminating) heavy metals and other pollutants that unfortunately can be found in significant quantities in our organism. It also contains a lot of Phenyl ethylamine. This substance is a dopamine precursor which is, as you know, the hormone of joy, happiness, good mood, which increases in a natural way the level of anyone’s wellbeing. It is also very efficient in stimulating the respiratory system, our concentration, our memory and better eyesight. Since its nutritive power is very high, a small quantity (i.e. 1 gram) can immediately create a feeling of being full and at the same time it helps people who wish to get a lighter and thinner figure. It allows fighting efficiently against addictions including the sugar-related ones.

The person who offered you this CD will be able to provide you with a longer list of the AFA exceptional virtues and bear in mind that with a consumption of 5 grams per day, the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae naturally stimulates the production and release of our bone marrow stem cells up to an additional 30%! And it is this particularity that is essential! In fact, every day we produce an average of about 3 million bone marrow stem cells. Taking 5gr of AFA enables us to go from 3 million to 3.9 million which means 900'000 more repairing cells every day! Therefore, it is this latest discovery that brought our Researcher and Biologist towards other works. He already knew this extraordinary particularity of the bone marrow stem cells, because it was known for a long time that bone marrow stem cells are our repairing cells « par excellence ». Why? Simply because they have an exceptional particularity, which is to be totipotent, meaning that they can potentially repair everything, transforming themselves in all types of cells that constitute our organism. It is very important to understand this basic principle as everything is based around this notion. A bone marrow stem cell can potentially repair everything in your organism because it has the ability to transform itself in any other type of cells in our body. So how does it work? Every day, our body makes about 25 million stem cells that have the mission to regenerate and self-repair our bodies; these stem cells are called “repairing cells“. Each one of the 500 tissues in our body will create cells. For example, the liver makes hepatocytes, the heart makes cardiomyocites, bones make ostecytes and one liver stem cell, a hepatocyte has the mission to renew or repair the liver. However it cannot repair the heart, as it is biologically impossible and vice versa. A heart stem cell cannot repair the liver or a bone, however the bone marrow stem cell can! Remember, it is totipotent: it can transform itself into all types of cells, therefore, it can become a liver as well as a heart, a bone or an eye, a lung, a kidney, a neuron, a tendon, a cartilage, a muscle, etc… etc… It can become any of them! It is also important to know another particularity which is closely related to the action of the bone marrow stem cells. When an area of the body, a tissue or an organ has a problem, an inflammation or a stress, it will send distress signals through what is called the cytokines, the same way that we would call the firemen in case of a fire or an accident by dialing 999. By means of the cytokines, our organism sends distress messages to our brain, telling it «watch out, I have a problem» and at that precise moment, our bone marrow stemcells migrating through the bone to go into the bloodstream will make their way to the sick area in order to regenerate or repair it, transforming themselves into the same type of tissue that is affected. If the problem involves the liver, the stem cells will travel to the liver and will become liver. If the problem is in the heart, they will go to the heart and will become heart and it will be the same for each of the 500 tissues that make us. To resume, the bone marrow stem-cell not only has the ability to repair everything in our organism but it also knows exactly where to go! Is it not marvellous!? Once more, we observe the sublime intelligence linked to the initial perfection of our organism and everything that is alive in general.


Clearly, all these discoveries are the subject of official publications and experiments which confirm these affirmations, of which two accounts now follow: To prove his theory, this Researcher and Biologist has asked an independent laboratory (in order to avoid being judged for his own cause), to do an experiment on 100 mice. Unfortunately, in the case of an experiment « in vivo », we had to perform them on our friends the animals and on this occasion, we would like to pay tribute to them. This independent laboratory has provoked a hundred myocardial strokes on 100 mice and separated them into two groups of fifty. The first group received a normal diet and with the second group, they added to their diet the two molecules isolated by this biologist; out of the 115 molecules which make up the AFA, these two molecules naturally stimulate the production of bone marrow stem-cells up to 30%. 27 days later, it was observed that in the first group, only 17% survived with very little reconstruction of the ventricular tissue, therefore they were very weak mice, at a critical state; whilst with the second group, 73% of the surviving mice had a total reconstruction of the ventricular tissue, therefore they were mice in good health (there are photos to prove it). 73% of mice in good health against 17% of the mice in a critical state, knowing of course that there is not a placebo effect in animals and therefore, the difference between the two is real! However, for science this is a statement, not proof. In order to prove the role held by the bone marrow stem-cells in the reconstruction of the mice ventricular muscle, another independent laboratory also performed an immunofluorescent test. It consisted of injecting into the bone marrow of the little mice a fluorescent product. Proof is made because it can be observed that in the mice’s heart area 30% of the repairing cells are fluorescents, therefore, this shows that they really come from the bone marrow.

Now that you know the extraordinary repairing power of your 3 million bone marrow stem-cells and that this quantity does not seem sufficient in case of pathology, especially when getting older, because we produce less and less of them as the years go by. Imagine having the possibility to multiply them by two or more and to have in your organism, every day from 3 to 6,7 million little selfrepairing workers who have the ability to repair everything! Do you not think that logically positive results and even sometimes spectacular results can occur?! And all this regardless of the pathology! It is at this moment that the person who gave you this CD will become important to you. Confident of his discoveries, our Researcher and Biologist has set up a dietary supplement 100% natural which is going to stimulate the production and the release of our bone marrow stem-cells up to 224%! Every day!
Even if some results seem magical, all this is scientific and it can be explained, as we have just done in this summary. This is why we want to specify that the dietary supplement in question does not treat anything, does not cure anything and has no therapeutic power ; it is our own bone marrow stem-cells that have this repairing potential, the product only stimulates the production and the release of our bone marrow stem-cells. In order to find answers to your questions, contact without delay the person who gave you this CD and do not hesitate to pass it on to people around you, because this simple action can change lives. We thank you for the interest that you have shown to this summary concerning the fabulous power of self-repairing bone marrow stem-cells.